Knowing the answer to this question is the key to profitable business, and planning your sales. 

Building a sales plan with our knowledgeable sales representatives will ensure you are spending time on growing lines with high margin.   Investing in installers is a fixed cost and fixed margin per hourly rate.  Promoting different brands comes down to providing your customers with an experience they will be happy with while retaining a healthy margin for your business.  Focusing all installations on high-quality, high-margin lines is the best way to continually grow your business, having your customers coming back and  promoting your products.  Ask us about the different product lines and programs we offer from small footprint displays, high-end luxury enhancement and high- quality consumables such as wire.

While other suppliers simply arrive with specials, clear-out offerings, and low-margin products, Trends Electronics creates permanent selling stations with guaranteed profit streams.


Trends Electronics has been directing our partners towards new avenues of profit for over 24 years.

You have chosen to invest your money and time in an extremely fast-moving and aggressive area. Long gone are the easy high- margin areas of your business. These days, to make a good return on investment, you need to value add with products that have unique features and provide high-quality performance.  The most successful businesses are able to value add their product offering and knowledge. This is the focus of everything we do at Trends. We ensure our dealers a value proposition that  allows for 40 to 50% achievable margins on most of our lines.

First, we always focus on what’s important to your business.   We look for areas that will grow your sales and profits with the customer demographic you serve in your community.   With our wide range of innovative mobile, residential and commercial product lines, we will provide you with the ideal product mix to complement your current offering and grow your business.


 We partner with your team on displays for your showhome to create the experience customers buy.


Product training with our leading suppliers, in-house training at Trends’ Burnaby training center, or at your business.


Phone and on-site support to ensure sales and installation staff have any and all questions answered and know how to sell and install our products.

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