Box Technology

We've created the best pulling box in the industry.

Spend more time working. Our Big Mouth Payout and unique cable winding pattern makes for easier pulls and less hassle. Other features such as reinforced handles, water resistant paper laminate and newly upgraded 24kg burst test cardboard, make this the most solidly built box in the industry. Try it once and you’ll never go back.


Big Mouth Payout

Our 4-inch payout hole results in free flowing cable; eliminating kinks, knots, tangles and other pulling problems.

Significantly improves LAN cable performance.
Faster and smoother payout of all cables.
Used on all iConnects boxed bulk wire and cable.


Cable Winding Pattern by REELEX

The technology behind our Big Mouth Payout Box.

REELEX is a patented winding technology inside all of iConnects BMP boxes. REELEX uses a combination of custom-designed machines and software that allows cable coils to pull from the inside out without any rotation of the bundle. The result? A fluid and smooth payout – void of any twists, kinks, knots or tangles.


24kg Burst Test Cardboard

Translation: Really - Strong - Cardboard.

Our boxes hold up to plenty of job site abuse and last longer under tough conditions.


Reinforced Handles

Dual-layer reinforcements mean the days of ripping your handles are over. This tougher, stronger and more rugged build helps maintain box integrity.


Water Resistant Paper Laminate

Protects the box from water damage and prevents “soggy cardboard.” Keeps your cable dry. Keeps the box pulling.

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