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Dream it, Design it, and Build it from the ground up

Exile speakers are designed with one goal in mind - Maximum sound delivery at an unmatched range. The sound quality, form factor, power handling, fit and finish are un-matched by anything available on the market today. What started as an idea became a vision and eventually turned into an engineering collaboration spanning several different industries. It was the efforts of many that allowed the Exile team to, “Dream it, Design it, and Build it from the ground up”.”.

exile xm amp


Big power under pressure

XM series amplifiers deliver big power combined with a build quality that makes the amplifier suited for outdoor marine or extreme installation usage. Exile amplifier design features coated 5 layer epoxy circuit boards and stainless steel throughout the amplifier. XM heat sinks feature 9.8 grams of aluminum per millimeter making it second to none in heat dissipation.



Unbeatable Exile Power

Big Power. Small footprint. Exile amplifiers will power an entire 8 speaker cabin setup and still have the gusto to kick the crap out of an 800W RMS subwoofer. Bringing a lot of power to your stereo system where it's needed most... The CABIN and BASS! The entire design has been upgraded to withstand the harsh marine environment and features stainless steel hardware and epoxy coated circuit boards to keep away moisture. Feel the unbeatable Exile Power with these bundles!

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