Cascade Audio Engineering

12v Power Supplies

Strong, Clean Power

All Cascade Audio Engineering APS power supplies feature regulated and filtered outputs that provide clean power without the slightest hint of noise. The advanced circuitry utilized in our APS power supplies offer efficiency ratings of 86-90%. Their super light weight (7 - 11 lbs.), low-profile design allows for convenient mounting in or under a display vehicle, in a boat or behind a display board.

Your new APS power supply may be used with or without a battery. However, when combined with a high quality battery, APS power supplies can supply transient surges up to 1000 amps. APS power supplies may also be connected in parallel for even higher current operation!

All APS Power Supplies utilize an advanced switching design which means there is no low frequency transformer hum. Every power supply is equipped with a quiet running cooling fan. Additionally, when not in use APS Series Power Supplies are essentially off, reducing electricity usage.


12v power supplies

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