satisfy the most demanding systems

Power & Ground Cables are of fundamental importance to obtain reference performance from your car audio/video system. Mainpower and power flow cables special structure minimizes any current power losses and ensures high instantaneous current transfer, enabling you to experience the full dynamics of your music.


Fuse & Distribution

The ultimate protection and performance

Fuse Holders are the first element to protect your vehicle and yourself from dangerous short circuits. The high temperature case and waterproof construction ensure reliability in any environmental condition.

Fused Distribution Systems are available in two or four position outputs, or in a modular version. AFS fuses are used to protect even the most complicated car audio/video system. The wide range of AFS values allows you to choose the right fuse for each component in your system.



Pure music, noise free

Audio Interconnects are the first components in your system where audio signals pass through. For faithful reproduction, they must transfer these signals from the head unit to the amplifiers without modifying the sound, while, at the same time, rejecting the tremendous amount of noise radiated by on-board computer-controlled devices.


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