Simply excellent

The quintessence of Focal expertise and cutting-edge technology, the Utopia M product line takes sound excellence to a whole new level. The specially designed chassis is a subtle mix of tradition, performance and elegance in true French style. By choosing each speaker driver in the range based on your vehicle and your needs, you can build your own audio system for a fully bespoke set-up.



More than just a product, a way of life

Immerse yourself in the performance of the iconic yellow aramid fibre cone, an exclusive Focal icon of sportiness and power. Instantly recognizable, the K2 Power line delivers incredible harmonics and dynamics. Meanwhile, the subwoofers have been designed to function in very small spaces whilst providing high volume and impressive energy. Get ready to experience new emotions behind the wheel.



The perfect balance

With its French flax cone - a patented Focal exclusive - Flax Evo embodies the search for acoustic quality combined with sleek aesthetics. Sound definition, a natural midrange and deep bass are what characterize this unique range. The speaker drivers can handle high-performance amplification and can be there fore combined with any product from the Focal electronics range to provide you with a pure listening experience whilst on the go.



Performance personified

Versatile, accessible and high-performance, the Slatefiber line turns heads for its uncompromising efficiency. The two products are high sensitivity, so can be connected to the vehicle's original system or to an amplifier. What's more, you get meticulous French manufacturing, an exclusive Slatefiber cone, sleek design, flexible installation options and standard kit sizes to fit a wide range of vehicles.



A winning combination

Forget your current audio system and treat yourself to a rejuvenated 35 sound experience with our Polyglass kits that combine power, durability and compactness. Over the years, this line has never stopped improving across the board, from concept to design. The subwoofers, which can be used in a sealed or bass-reflex box, make a real difference with their impactful bass. All components of the line are meticulously put together to surround passengers with warm sound that has no colouration.



Accessible Focal technology

Access invites all drivers to experience Focal innovation and quality. With its assured style and technical prowess, this line is dedicated to performance. Power handling, plunging depth of bass and razor sharp acoustics are the common denominators of the Access philosophy: we guarantee you the full Focal technology experience inside your car and a rejuvenated listening adventure.



Optimal compatibility

Enjoy the Universal line’s rich sound without altering the aesthetics of your car. Special attention was paid to design and dimensions during the development stages of these products, to ensure optimal compatibility with as many different vehicles as possible. Their compactness, shallow depth and divisible fastenings make them quick and easy to fit.



Your Focal installation debut

With Auditor, treat yourself to a high-quality Focal audio system at a very competitive price. This range of nine versatile kits provides a system with guaranteed efficiency, performance and power. Combined with dedicated electronics or connected to the vehicle’s original amplifier, these component, coaxial and elliptical coaxial kits significantly improve the on-board audio. These products benefit from all of Focal’s expertise to help you rediscover the pleasure of driving to music!



One Car, One Audio Solution

Focal Inside is an offer for all drivers who want access to quality, custom Plug & Play solutions that are perfectly suited to their vehicles. From the ‘simplest’ kit to the most complete amplified system, the Focal Inside offer is quick and easy to install in place of the original system, without modifying the environment.


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