Audio Technologies born from German aerospace engineering

The love for music, details and perfection inspired Henning Gladen to develop loudspeakers and crossovers in the nineties. This led to the founding of the GLADEN brand name in 1997. Today the German aerospace engineer introduces technologies into his new designs that are more commonly used in Aerospace and Automotive industries. For instance, FEM Analysis was used to locate and improve the weak points in a basket design. Other technical issues were targeted with the same exceptional approach only to achieve one goal: Perfect sound reproduction!

Compo-coax Gladen
Subwoofer gladen


High Power and Effciency

Gladen speakers & subwoofers are built with the best materials available in order to meet the highest standards. This includes fiber and compound cones, Nomex spiders, aluminum die-cast frames and soft domes for our tweeters. The Gladen Aerospace systems use this new multiplayer cone technology with seven different layers all with distinct properties that are combines to form a lightweight, well damped but rigid cone that has strongly reduced resonances compared to other cone materials.



Great Sounding with a lot of power

Gladen Amplifiers redefines the possibilities of great sound and power to reach the highest class. Within it's compact design and silver-brushed finishing, the Gladen Amplifiers deliver exactly what you expect.


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