Illusion audio


Illusion audio's Premier Line

Carbon is Illusion’s premier line utilizing the best technologies. They deliver audiophile sound quality combined with high loudness and extreme durability. Carbon sound quality is detailed, revealing, extremely dynamic and punchy. Bass is articulate and extended with good weight, revealing the rhythm and pace of the music. The low distortion, extreme clarity and enormous sound stage size bring the concert alive. You have never heard music this real in a vehicle before! Illusion Audio Carbon speakers are truly, “compact without compromise”.



Illusion audio's entry level line

Electra will surprise you with their premium sound quality and attractive price. High quality parts are used throughout.



Illusion audio's junior line

Luccent sound quality is smooth and seductive with plenty of dynamic punch. Bass is fast, extended and energizing. The sound stage is huge and significant so that the listener feels as if they are hearing it live.


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