Mosconi audio

Zero Line

An absolute “Best-in-class” performance

The perfect amplifier, imagined by engineers from Italy with the sole purpose of making sound quality and power output of the highest performance.

The Hyperdrive feature allows the end user to achieve dynamics never before experienced in car audio. With the advantages : Very high power, Unrivaled dynamics, and accoustic quality! And only one drawback: higher working temperatures. Mosconi Zero Line was designed for the most demanding car audio enthusiasts.



Top-tier Digital Sound Processors

One of the best designs on the market, bringing the perfect synergy between powerful, reliable hardware and flexible, easy to integrate software. Mosconi's DSP technology continues to be a leader in the mobile audio market.



Compact, powerful, versatile and efficient

Mosconi's PICO line redefines the possibilities of a small footprint amplifier. Within it's compact design and silver-brushed finishing, the PICO line provides a wide range of power and virtually unlimited installation possibilities.

Mosconi PICO

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