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EVO Awarded


Just Brilliant

Digital audio is great, but it needs to be analogue audio before you can hear it. DacMagic 200M performs the digital-to-analogue conversion perfectly every time, letting all kinds of audio systems sound better than ever before.

DacMagic 200M is Cambridge Audio’s first product to support MQA, which is an award-winning British technology that not only captures every fine detail of a recording but also makes it easy to stream. DacMagic 200M was designed and built to fully decode and convert these incredibly accurate files, so they sound exactly as the artist intended.


AX Series

Your journey starts here..

The AX Series pairs high quality with outstanding value for money and is the perfect way for the Hi-Fi curious to build their first stacking separates system.

Taking design cues from our award-winning Edge and CX ranges, we designed the AX components to be a straightforward introduction to Great British Sound. It will change the way you appreciate music forever.


CX Series


For five years, Cambridge Audio’s CX range of two integrated amplifiers, a network audio streamer and a CD transport, has been wildly successful and widely acclaimed. Five years is a while, though - technology seldom stands still.

The all-new CXA61 and CXA81 integrated amplifiers build on the foundations laid (and the Awards won) by CXA60 and CXA80, but with a fresh and progressive perspective. Here are two amplifiers with distinct personalities. Two amplifiers with unique characteristics and attitudes. Two approaches to bringing your music collection to life.


Azur 851 Series

Outstanding audio performance

Our award-winning 851 series of hi-fi components are designed without compromise. Built to be the very best at what they do, they’ll take your listening to new heights. Every component in the series has undergone thousands of hours of testing and tweaking; the result is reference standard hi-fi.

Our 851 series amplifiers are designed to be the heart of your system. Whether you opt for the integrated 851A amplifier or a pre and power amp combination of the 851E and 851W, you’ll get incredible power balanced with precise control, and distortion levels that are barely measurable.

To get the very best from digital sources, another route is possible: pair the 851W power amp with the 851C upsampling DAC CD player, or the 851D DAC, or the 851N network player.


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