Debut Reference

A new Musical Reference has been set

Building on the iconic status of ELAC’s Debut Series, a new Reference line emerges for our exclusive dealers. The Debut Reference brings significant acoustical and visual advancements. Designed to blend with traditional or contemporary styles. Debut Reference sounds as great as it looks !

ELAC's Debut Reference Series features a newly developed waveguide combined with a more open grill design that enhances upper high frequency response. Elac's all new cast chassis woofer provides improved stiffness for both strengthening the front baffle and minimizing chassis resonances. This new woofer design combined with a new dual flared slot port results in lower noise and higher bass output for improved bass dynamics.

The new Debut Reference series matches fresh visual elegance with remarkable sound to bring you what promises to be a new classic in ELAC's lineup.


Integrator Series Amplifiers

Powerful Integration, reinvented

Elac's multi-channel amplifiers provide full matrix capability, any input to any output. Discrete Class D amplifiers ensure robust power even under the most demanding loads. Unique assignable outputs allow for the easy addition of powered subwoofers and amplifiers to multiple zones.

Each ELAC Multi-channel amplifier uses a modular design and efficient Class D amplifiers available in 8, 12, and 16 channels. Each channel features Elac's advanced DSP that allows for great flexibility when setting up each zone. A full Parametric Equalizer can be used for each output or simply use one of the presets for ELAC speakers to simplify the setup. An intuitive WEB GUI allows for easy setup and tuning of the amplifier.


Integrator Series

IW-s10eq In-Wall Subwoofer with EQ Amplifier

ELAC’s IW-S10EQ is designed to bring deep bass to any home theater or music system. ELAC's patented CVC (Cabinet Volume Correction) technology assures great performance no matter the volume of the wall in which it is installed. The included amplifier and phone application analyzes the internal volume of the wall and adjusts the tuning of the DSP for optimum performance

Utilizing the ELAC In Wall Sub Control app and your smartphone’s microphone, the IW-S10EQ in-wall subwoofer will automatically equalize to your room’s characteristics using a 12-band parametric equalizer. Manual adjustment is available as well.

The IW-S10EQ In-wall subwoofer package comes with a BASH (Bridged Amplifier Switching Hybrid) Amplifier delivering 400 watts of RMS power. ELAC's BASH amplifier offers reliable performance and power needed for todays dynamic music and movie soundtracks.


Vertex Series

the essence of ELAC,
in the ceiling or in the wall

ELAC understands the importance of having audio to enhance a living space, with minimal aesthetic intrusion. With a slim profile, the easily installed Vertex in-ceiling speakers expand the line of their Integrator line of custom products. Keeping their philosophy of delivering high-end sound, the Vertex series of speakers will compliment any conventional floorstanding or bookshelf loudspeaker.

Custom silk dome tweeters have been developed for low mass and smooth, extended high frequency response along with custom-designed woofers featuring a Polypropelyne Cone for improved internal damping and smooth high frequency roll-off. A multi-element crossover with audio-grade components is implemented to ensure smooth transition between the drivers.

Recognized around the world for manufacturing speakers with exceptional build quality and unmatched performance at affordable prices, ELAC continues to deliver with our new Vertex Series of speakers.


Navis Powered speakers

Tri Amplified, full-range sound.

A powerful audiophile speaker embracing the convenience of streaming. ELAC’s new Navis Series answers every minimalist audiophile’s dream of a no-compromise powered speaker driven by best-inclass amplifiers that are truly deserving of the name “high end.” While most powered speakers rely on Class D digital designs, ELAC engineers build in 300 watts of pure analog amplification—for maximum power and exceptional sound. Add the Discovery Connect wireless transmitter to your system, and Navis becomes a wireless speaker that lets you enjoy streaming content without a cable in sight.

Inside each Navis Loudspeaker is a Tri-Amp Pure Analog Amplifier, employing three separate amps for each transducer: a 160-watt BASH AB amplifier for the woofer, a 100-watt BASH AB amplifier for the midrange, and a 40-watt Class AB amplifier for the tweeter. A total amplifier power of 300 watts ensures that each transducer is optimally—and amply—powered, eliminating clipping and crossover distortion, and driving each transducer with authority. Specs like a 110 dBA signal-to-noise ratio and 100 uV noise floor could only come from such audiophile-quality amps!


Vela Series

Exciting, progressive and elegant.

A complex design: high-class lacquered and wooden veneered cabinets, which have a trapezoid shape and are angled rearward, combined with aluminum and glass. The design catches eyes but conduces acoustics, too. The sound of VELA shows it´s family background to successful series 400. But the advantages are distinct. The angling of the cabinet in combination with the new wave-guide of the JET tweeter improves the definition of stereo and multi-channel audio in modern furnishing. But there are more than the obvious changes. For example the optimized drivers are able to reproduce high-energy transients more precisely.



Everything we do is different

Few speakers have garnered such critical acclaim as the original Debut Series by ELAC. They established a new value proposition, with build quality and performance never before attainable at such an affordable price. Debut “changed the game,” and now it’s changed again with the Debut 2.0 Series—proof that ELAC can’t leave well enough alone. Redesigned from the ground up, they sound even more remarkable than the speakers that sparked the revolution in high-end sound.


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