Line 500

Perhaps the greatest innovation of the Line 500 is the ELAC VX-JET transducer. The acclaimed drive unit, which combines the renowned JET tweeter with a ring-radiator midrange driver in a concentric arrangement, provides the foundation of these speakers’ remarkable sound. What sets it apart is the variable X-JET suspension, hence the designation VX-JET.


The thinking behind this drive unit draws from the fact that every room presents different acoustic characteristics and that the same loudspeaker will produce different results from one room to another. A mechanism on the rear of the loudspeaker allows for stepless adjustment of the entire drive unit by up to 8 mm in front of and behind the front baffle.


By changing the position of the VX-JET, it is possible to fine tune the sound dispersion characteristics in the middle to high-frequency range. This not only alters the tonal balance, but also the relationship between direct and diffuse sound arriving at the listening position. As a result, the VX-JET makes it possible for the first time to create a uniform and precisely etched three-dimensional sound stage in different rooms and at varying listening distances.

Each model in the Line 500 combines the innovative VX-JET with other refinements to make a loudspeaker of true distinction. Critical to the high performance of the Line 500 are Crystal Membrane midrange and bass drivers based on Aluminum-Sandwich technology that deliver maximum stiffness and unrivaled performance within their frequency ranges. Inside are the finest crossover components and outside, beautifully finished cabinets—wherever you look, you’ll discover the ELAC passion for perfect detail.




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