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Acoustic Landscape

With the Acoustic Landscape systems, you can power up to four speakers per channel from any premium amplifier. This feature makes adding long-reaching, easy to manage outdoor audio straight-forward.


Seasons 70/100v

70v/8-ohm tap capable of powering each loudspeaker up to half a mile from the source. Regardless of the size of your area, we can design a system to cover it.


Landscape Bollard

The Bollard Loudspeaker, only from Origin Acoustics. The acoustic lens design spreads sound evenly across your outdoor area, and thanks to 70v technology, the range is practically unlimited.


Surface Mount

Outdoor on-wall loudspeakers designed to have excellent sound quality, longevity, and a simple installation process. These IPX4 rated speakers can be orientated in any direction.


Rock Speakers

70v/8-ohm rock-style loudspeakers with a natural design but a color scheme that works great with most colors of rock.


Explorer In-ceiling

Complete updates to award-winning Director & Composer Collections. Designed for saltwater and sea spray from the beginning, these speakers will hold up in wet rooms, water-front patios, and luxury sea-craft.

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Venue Series

Bring the best to your outdoor space

Wet Sounds new Venue Series, a very powerful line of speakers, subwoofers and amplifiers developed specifically for outdoor spaces. Packed with the Wet Sounds Horn Loaded Compression Driver (HLCD) technology, Venue Series was designed for easy installation and is built with weatherproof enclosures.



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StingRay speakers are known for raising the bar in outdoor audio durability and sound quality, and deliver smooth mid and high-frequency response with a solid, rich bass extension and are ideal for luxury residential, commercial, and marine applications. StingRay speakers combine direct coupled motor technology with an acoustic lever technology driven by a traditional woofer to energize the entire FidelityGlass™ active surface of the speaker panel resulting in crisp highs and impactful bass.





The SPT Extreme features a vertical lift system ideal for recessing the all-metal cabinet below grade for a pop-up experience. Available in four sizes with 3.1 audio built directly into the cabinet or as a sound bar that travels up with the display.


Designed for luxury marine applications, the fold-out SPT Transformer is a compact solution for any location. The fiberglass cabinet features built-in, weatherproof 3.1 audio.


The modular SPT Megalith is available in 7 sizes with P3 or P4 pixel pitch. The Megalith can be wall mounted or installed as a free-standing display with an optional 3.1 sound bar.


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landscape & architectural LED lighting

Illumicare Group Limited is a leading manufacturer of professional-quality, low-voltage products for landscape, architectural, and commercial lighting. Product lines include outdoor-rated LED lamps, solid brass, stainless steel and copper fixtures, hardscape luminaires, multi-tap transformers, as well as a Smart Home collection.



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landscape ribbon


The Landscape Ribbon (LSR) contain audiophile-grade weatherized magnetic planar driver, which is one of a kind, unavailable elsewhere. Born for the elements, made to sound otherworldly.

landscape bullard


The Bollard incorporates a proprietary magnetic planar driver, but in a unique conical ribbon design. Standing over 3' tall, these eye-catching speakers sound as amazing as they look.

landscape subwoofer


The Ambisonic Systems subwoofers use only the finest Italian woofers and patented 100/70v transformers, these models can produce surprisingly low frequencies, even at lesser volumes.

landscape 265

LANDSCAPE or surface

The landscape surface or in-ground speakers incorporate a high-quality Italian woofer and proprietary magnetic planar driver within a petite, sturdy weatherized cabinet.

landscape line array


Ambinsonic Systems’ blend of experience, training, and advanced modeling software allows their world-class acoustic engineering team to design transcendent speaker arrays.

landscape soundbar


All-weather, high definition, ultra-high-fidelity stereo soundbar loudspeakers featuring magnetic ribbons and woofers in a true coaxial configuration and low frequency woofers.


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