Discreet Opening System

The Sonance Visual Performance and Architectural Series Discreet Opening System (DOS) utilizes an optimized system approach of satellite speakers and a hidden subwoofer to provide even and smooth coverage in a space. Discreet opening system delivers amazing sonic performance with minimal visual intrusion with a small form factor aesthetic that matches size of round or square downlights.



Discreet Opening System

Reference series

The all new Reference Speakers and Subwoofers offer up all new driver technology and consistent tonal matching across the line, making it simple to mix and match speaker and subwoofer models in any configuration and still achieve optimized performance.

Reference Series was designed using Sonance Klippel II technology to ensure that every movement was carefully measured and accurately tuned. The high excursion woofers, 4th generation coaxial driver, individual crossover networks, optimized diffraction baffle and new matte finish combine to create Reference; the standard in fidelity.


New Landscape series

From the pioneers of performance landscape audio, Sonance is pleased to introduce all new SLS speakers and subwoofers. Redesigned and engineered for ultimate performance in any outdoor space, New SLS paves the way for premium audio in outdoor environments.


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